Here are some examples of items that I have designed and made for clients.




I produce bespoke joinery for individuals and the trade

The timber type for each job is chosen for structural suitability, colour and appeal. Each component is continually asessed during construction as everything is hand made.

I use state of the art timber engineering tools to create high performance doors and windows to comply with current construction and glazing regulations.

Personalized Approach

I work closely with clients to produce items that will function well and complement the settings they will be placed in


Excellence and Professionalism 

Having several decades of experience to back my design decisions, I am confident that the materials and construction of the product that I deliver will be of the highest quality.

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Costing and value 

Due to the nature of my work it is not possible to have a price list. I am less expensive than most independent cabinet makers as my overheads are low.

My windows are in line with standard catalogue prices and become cheaper per item for larger orders - due to shared set up times.


If you need that item to be made for you you will have to ask. Ask me and I will try to give you an answer ASAP.

 I Also Do

Shelving & storage  // Bedrooms  // Kitchens  // Hardwood furniture  // wood flooring  // Garden sheds, summer houses, home offices & workrooms // stairs //  Building conversion and renovations  // storm proof and conventional windows, internal and external house doors and garage doors

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